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Armenian Fairytales Presents

The Wicked Kingdom
Hekiatne Kanchum

  • This event has passed.

THE WICKED KINGDOM tells the story of a Royal Kingdom that is taken over and cursed during the Royal Ball through a spell storm unleashed by the Wicked Witch. In order to take over the throne, the Witch froze the King and Queen and raised the Prince and Princess to be undisciplined, while two of the other Princes and Princesses get lost in the jungle and are raised by wolves and other animals. Through the course of a magical journey they all find each other and learn in the end that they are all Royalty and that the person on the throne is not the rightful Queen.

Friday, December 28, 2018 – 7:00 pm
Saturday, December 29, 2018 – 5:00 pm

Performance Language: Armenian

Every person regardless of age must have a ticket to enter the theatre for this event.

No Discounted Pricing is available for this event.

A Restoration & Programming [RP] Fee and a Service [SRV] Fee are assessed in addition to Face Value [FV] price of every ticket.
FV Ticket Price of $20.01 and higher:
Total Per Ticket Fee = $6 or $8
• Walk-Up Purchase – $6.00: [$4.00 RP Fee + $2.00 SRV Fee]
• Phone/Internet Purchase – $8.00: [$4.00 RP Fee + $4.00 SRV Fee]

All seating areas other than the ADA Accessible seating area [Orchestra Row X] require a minimum of 8 stairs to access, and there is NO ELEVATOR. If you require ADA accessible seating: Walk-Up – Tell Ticket Agent at beginning of transaction. Online – Click CHOOSE SEATS and select seat(s) from the ADA Accessible section [Orchestra Row X] on the Seat Map. You may purchase, subject to availability at the time of your ticket purchase, up to three companion seats per Wheelchair seat. By selecting and purchasing this seat you affirm that you have accessibility needs or that you are accompanying a patron who has accessibility needs. If you have questions about accessibility or do not see what you need, please contact the Alex Theatre Box Office at 818.243.7700 x217.