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Artists For Kids Presents

Mountains, The Sun & Love
Film By Michael Poghosyan

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Artists For Kids presents MOUNTAINS, THE SUN & LOVE, an Armenian language film by Michael Poghosyan.

In Moscow photojournalist Anastacia, assigned to make a photo report about Armenian Artists Union’s exhibition, stumbles on a portrait with her face. Dated 1991, it had an unfamiliar signature – Zatik. She realizes it’s a portrait of her late mother. Anastacia finds evidence in the house that leads her to conclude that the painter is her father, about whom her mother had avoided speaking.

She arrives in the village of Yenoqavan in Armenia to find him and take revenge. Zatik is famous in the village for his crazy lifestyle, eccentric behavior and love for alcohol. Despite this he is accepted and loved for being an enthusiastic person and talented painter. Anastacia hates her father’s ludicrous activities and fabricates different situations to make Zatik’s life harder. She photographs everything that reveals this unconventional painter’s true face. At last she confronts Zatik with the pictures she has taken and lashes out at him, fueled by all the pain and hate that she has held inside through the years.

Then Anastacia finds out Zatik is not her father; he was in love with her mother, but it was never mutual. Later she finds her real father, only to realize he doesn’t love her. This causes her to re-evaluate what she learned in Armenia and her feelings about Zatik, ultimately realizing he has become family to her and that she will never let him go out of her life.

Performance Language: Armenian with English subtitles
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