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Chuck Jones Museum Presents

Chuck Jones 102Gether:
A Celebration of Collaborative Creativity

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102Gether is a film festival tribute to the teams that created the Golden Age of Warner Bros. cartoons. For the first time ever, the families of many of the great directors, producers, writers and more of the era will come together, including the families of directors Tex Avery, Robert Clampett, Friz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Robert McKimson, as well as producer Leon Schlesinger, voice artist Mel Blanc, and writer Michael Maltese.

Cartoons from each of these directors will be shown on the big screen.

Master of Ceremonies for the evening: Bugs Bunny at the Symphony creator and conductor, Maestro George Daugherty.

Q&A with representatives of each family on stage following the program.

All seating areas in the Alex Theatre other than the ADA Accessible seating area [Orchestra Row X] require a minimum of 8 stairs to access, and there is no elevator in the Theatre. If you require ADA accessible seating, let the Ticket Agent know at the beginning of the transaction; if purchasing online, select from the ADA Accessible section. All ADA Accessible seating is Reserved Seating with specific Row and Seat Number designations on the tickets.