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The Alex & Evensong Presents

Element Band

Element Band’s unique signature embodies the essence of world music. The band’s distinctive arrangements preserve and popularize traditional Armenian songs by infusing each piece with large-bodied vocals and contemporary sounds. The band’s original compositions resonate deeply with listeners yearning for the old world through a modern lens. Element Band has achieved its primary aim to bring an innovative edge to musical traditions while contemporaneously performing compositions with eloquent arrangements and instrumentation. Under the direction of Ara Dabandjian, Element Band has arrived on the world music scene with a poignant collection of songs with a musical palette that is sensual, playful, whimsical, and sometimes subtle. Element Band’s success is underpinned by the warm and passionate sounds of the Mediterranean and the vibrant, rich, and uplifting notes woven through their music. Dabandjian’s sophisticated arrangements touch listeners and breathe positive energy into the universal musical soul. Today, Element Band has evolved into an unprecedented and profoundly moving experience. The band’s multifaceted music comes to life through the use of contemporary and traditional instruments. Dabandjian’s trademark arrangements and instrumentations, paired with Soseh Aramouni’s and Natalie Avunjian’s hypnotic vocals, create a rare chemistry that makes Element Band’s performances unparalleled.