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Huang Pin Yuan 30 Anniversary Concert

  • This event has passed.

At his age of 20, Mr. Huang Pinyuan and his brother signed up for “the first Youth Star interschool music Competition” and won the second place. Later on, he got a chance to recommend his music to producer Mr. Shen Guangyuan, won his appreciation with signing the contract. In 1990 April, Huang Pinyuan officially released his first album “男配角心聲”, in which “你怎麼捨得我難過” becomes one of the classic hit songs. In 2002, Huang won the Award for Best Original Song in The 39th Golden Horse Awards from his great work “7-ELEVEN之戀”. In 2012, he was nominated for best Actor in a Drama program at the 47th Golden Bell Awards for his role in the TV drama “雨夜花”.

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