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Ladaniva is a multicultural French band based in Lille, located in North of France. They perform in world music genre, but the influence of the traditional Armenian folk music is extensively reflected in their musical art. The band’s unique repertoire is inspired by influences from all across the world with strong roots in Armenian folk music. The LADANIVA band also presents original interpretation of Armenian folk songs. Zhaklin Baghdasaryan from Armenia, and Louis Thomas from a family of French musicians, both bring an enormous wealth of experience to this project. It’s precisely this diversity that flows through Armenian folk style original songs like “Vay Aman” or “Kef Chilini”, which have netted LADANIVA millions of streams across the streaming platforms within a very short period of time. LADANIVA have gained a loyal fan following over the past years and have played more than 100 shows with their live band mates. In 2023 LADANIVA had SOLD OUT shows in Southern California, and this year the band is returning with more hits and a new album.