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Lion King Musical by Sound of Children

  • This event has passed.

Sound of Children is a non-profit organization and it’s purpose is to spread the good and the beautiful through the voices and actions of our children. 

Our program includes singing, vocal, solo and choir practices, dancing and acting classes. We have performances throughout the year, however, The Spirit of Lion King is our first ever extravagant public performance.

Today, our children are deprived of the most important gifts that surround art and music; skills that are essential to their development and growth. Our mission is to reach out to as many children as we can and give them a chance to love and learn the esthetics of culture through music and art. By doing so, we can install identity awareness and self-esteem into our young generation, so that as they advance their minds and intellects and reach higher places in life, they always keep their souls in peace and their hearts at home.