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Music Travel Love Formerly The Moffatts

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Music Travel Love, an enthralling acoustic pop duo, is the amalgamation of a lifetime of passion for music and a love for travel. Comprising Canadian-born brothers Clint and Bob Moffatt, the duo has charmed audiences around the globe with their soothing harmonies, melodious guitar strums, and heartfelt lyrics. They are known for their engaging YouTube videos, where they perform covers and original songs against the breathtaking backdrops of various international locations. Music Travel Love invites you on a journey where every note is a new destination. Through their mesmerizing performances, Clint and Bob Moffatt have found a way to bring the world closer through music. With each video, Music Travel Love transports you to new horizons, making you a part of their global musical journey. Their acoustic sounds and the purity of their voices create a tapestry of emotions that resonate with listeners from all walks of life. Join Music Travel Love as they continue to traverse the globe, creating harmonies that transcend borders and building bridges through the universal language of music.