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Theatrical Education Group presents a program open to Student Field Trip groups: SHAKESPEARIENCE

Since 1999, over 80,000 people have attended Shakespearience, making it the most widely attended field trip in California! Perfect for audiences of all ages, this amazing show features stunning performances of the Bard’s finest works! Essentially a “play within a play,” the production follows the adventures of an acting troupe as it stages a series of scenes from Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Shakespearience features scenes from the following plays: Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Visit www.shakespearience.com for more info.

About the Theatrical Education Group:
Committed to the idea that theatrical education should be informative, engaging and affordable, the Theatrical Education Group is dedicated to providing the finest in dramatic instructional programs and services. For over a decade, we have been proud to offer a wide variety of educational tools and programs for theatre instructors and students. From the 3,500 students who’ve attended the Summer Acting Camp and Summer Arts Conservatory to our ground-breaking field trip Shakspearience which has now been seen by over 80,000 students, we continue to lead as an innovator of original educational services. Visit www.theatricaleducationgroup.com for more information.

Visit: www.shakespearience.com
E-Mail: info@shakespearience.com

All seating areas in the Alex Theatre other than the ADA Accessible seating area [Orchestra Row X] require a minimum of 8 stairs to access, and there is NO ELEVATOR. If you require ADA accessible seating, tell the Theatrical Education Group representative at the beginning of the transaction so that s/he may check availability of ADA Accessible seating for the performance.