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Unforgettable Sunrise

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UNFORGETTABLE SUNRISE- A kaleidoscopic, deeply emotional, 70 minute symphonic collaboration between Wild Honey Foundation Musical Director Rob Laufer and Jacob Rock (19), the non-verbal autistic son of Wild Honey founder Paul Rock. Symphonic Zappa meets Gershwin, Copland, Bach, and so much more. Listen to a sample here: https://bit.ly/3JBFuSW

“Unforgettable Sunrise” chronicles Jacob Rock’s remarkable journey from being unable to tell the world about his autism-related physical pain or the amazing whirlwind of creativity in his “camera-like” brain to gaining a hard-earned ability to type out his thoughts and feelings with his index finger on an IPAD, thus allowing him unleash his intelligence and creativity on an unsuspecting world.

Jacob’s vision has found its perfect collaborator in Rob Laufer. Following Jacob’s notes, Rob created the score to Jacob’s spec. In Rob’s words, “I compose music that Jacob feels is close enough to what he is hearing, that fulfills his vision. He will let me know immediately if I play him a new section that doesn’t work for him. He gives me instructions on how to expand or improve certain sections. He has nixed entire sections. I have never disagreed with his judgement. It’s always completely grounded and guided by the clarity of his artistic vision. When I get it right, Jacob’s face practically explodes with joy. It is something to behold.” Upon hearing the third movement brought to life, Jacob typed “I want to cry because it is so perfect. I love that Rob can read my mind.”