It's not just a landmark, it's a destination.


Client Testimonials

Peter Engel, Executive Producer, Last Comic Standing (NBC)
“The Alex Theatre is a great venue. It’s conducive to comedy. The theatre size is perfect and the audience size is perfect. We love the location because it’s out and away from everything. And it’s audience friendly. It’s a big theatre, but there is an intimacy between the audience and the performers. They seem to root each other on.”

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John Lavet, Photo Director, NBC Photo Department
“Excellent staff, facility, working experience!!!”

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Ted Robbins, American Idol/Ford Music Video Shoot
“Had a great time at the Alex Theatre. Very easy load in and out and when the time comes… will definitely shoot it again!”

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Mandy Salangsang, Segment Producer, 51 Minds Entertainment
“The Alex Theatre will be my #1 theatre referral for a long time. I could not have been more pleased with how things worked out. Thank you again, and I have no doubt we will work together again some time.”

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Tim Douglass, District Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company
“It was a pleasure working with all of your staff. They helped make the event flow as easily as possible and they went the extra mile in every aspect. Thank you so much.”

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Kellye M. Walton, AARP Events
“What impressed me the most about your staff was their willingness to go the extra mile, their knowledge of the theatre and surrounding community and the hospitality that they extended to us as a whole.”


Christina Garcia, Yahoo! Search Marketing
“Thank you to all for a smooth and successful meeting!!!”

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Eileen Pines, Meeting Planner, Bausch & Lomb
“Great venue for our corporate event! Alex staff was wonderful to work with during pre-planning stages, as well as on-site.”

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Jill Virnig, Producer, Loca Motion, Fortune Magazine Photo Shoot
“Great working with you! Friendly staff and easy access.”

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David Morelli, South Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses
“We’ve been coming now for over ten years and each and every year we have enjoyed your courtesy, your staff and the excellent condition you keep the facility in. Your staff both in office and at the theatre are to be commended. Thank you again for allowing us to use the facility.”

Michael Schwartz, Producer, The Big Bad Ass Comedy Show
“I had a great experience – the staff was wonderful! Thanks to all of you!”

Monica DiBiasio, East LA Classic Theatre
“We enjoyed our experience at the Alex and hope to return next year. We have received many letters from Glendale students who attended and they loved the show, which is why we do these productions. A special thanks to Elissa, Maria, and Karen for all of their support and to the crew on stage/backstage that are the best we’ve had the pleasure to work with!”

Stuart Bowne, Los Angeles Children’s Chorus
“On behalf of LACC and myself personally it has been a pleasure to work with everyone at the Alex. We all had a great experience and learned much for which we thank you as well. Should an opportunity arise in the future we would look forward to working with you and your team.”

Mary Reale, Director of Public Relations, CSUN Music Department
“Thank you so much for everything. The concert was fantastic. This has been THE best experience. I am so grateful to all of you. Playing at the Alex is such a pleasure.”

Stanley Baratta, Executive Director, weSPARK Cancer Support Center
“The sixth annual weSparkle Comedy Tonight was a smashing success! We couldn’t have done it without your help. We truly appreciate your services and value the time and energy you put into making this a memorable event for everyone.”

Jamie Nichols, Producer
“Just want to say a huge big thank you for your most amazing and professional staff. I love the Alex – it feels like home to me and all of the participants in Celebrate Dance. You make us feel comfortable but with a very good professional edge.”

Melissa Fischel, Ballet Petit
“Thank you for your assistance over the past year and a half. The Alex is a wonderful theatre and I count myself fortunate to have been a part of productions at the Alex.”

Bohdan Knianicky, Kobzar Choir
“We really appreciate the effort, help and courtesy your staff provided us. A sincere thanks from the bottom of our heart. It was a wonderful experience working with you.”

James O’Keefe, 168 Hour Film Festival
“I want to thank you for your professionalism and helpful attitude in assisting us with the 168 Hour Film Festival. The responses and platitudes we’ve been receiving about how smoothly the evening’s events went and what a great venue the Alex was is all attributable to you guys. It was great working with you and I for one hope we can do it for many years to come.”

Richard Streeter, Location Manager, McBride: Requiem (Hallmark Channel)
“The Alex Theatre is a beautiful venue for any occasion. It is a piece of Hollywood history and I hope to use it for future film and television projects. The staff was very helpful and professional. We managed to get our hectic two day shoot completed with no problems whatsoever. Thank you to everyone that made our project possible!”

Nick Omana, Location Manager, N.O.V.A. Productions, Last Comic Standing
“While other places try, the Alex Theater does!”